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Asset Identifiers

Asset Pipelines and CAS

Make Games Not Engines... to Learn Engines

OOP is Fine (In Moderation)

Resource Pipelines (Part 5 - File Scanning)

Resource Pipelines (Part 4 - Dependencies)

Resource Pipelines (Part 3 - References & Handles)

Resource Pipelines (Part 2 - Reference Identifiers)

Resource Pipelines (Part 1 - Overview)

Resource Pipelines

Check Out MTuner

Git Squash Commits is a Band-aid for Bad UI

My GDC '17 Talk Retrospective

Enabling make_unique with Private Constructors

Keep Disabling Exceptions

Making a MUD for the Web

Reflection with RTTR

SG14 Meeting Minutes, Sep. 2015

C++ Paper N4456 - Survey of C++ Problems for Game Development

Unnest C++ Namespaces

C++ Reflection

Destructive Move

CppCon 2014 Slides

C++ Type List Indexing

Direct3D 11 Debug API Tricks

Dangers of std::shared_ptr

Why C++ Does Not Need C#-like Properties

JavaScript Delegates w/ Currying Placeholders

C++11 Usage of std::enable_if in Function Templates

C++ Runtime Invocation of Bound Function via Variadic Templates

Zero-Trivial Constructors and Destructors

Experimenting with Fixed Size Delegates with User Data

Matrices, Handedness, Pre and Post Multiplication, Row vs Column Major, and Notations

DigiPen Game Engine Architecture Club

Personal Update & Component Slides

Using std::enable_if<> on Constructors

C++ Method Type Deduction Tricks

C++ Metadata – Part II, Inheritance, Dynamic Casting, and Allocation

C++ Metadata - Part I, Singletons and Lookup

Custom Containers in C++11

Trivial C++ For-Each Loop for MSVC 2010

SONAR Released

C++ String Library Best Practices

Compile-time String Hashing in C++0x

Subsonic LLC

OpenGL 5.0 Wishlist

Multi-threaded Game Engines

Object-Oriented C Programming -- Part III

Object-Oriented C Programming - Part II

Object-Oriented C Programming - Part I

Code Legibility vs Compactness

Cross-platform Xbox Gamepad Support

Scripting Languages

Bad Axe Games' Trailblazer

Easy Windows Installer with Inno Setup

In-Game Editors

Evils of Optimization

Safe and Efficient Lua Integration