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C++ Reflection

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The old articles on this blog about C++ are fairly out of date. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use them today for anything but historical study.

A few other developers have written articles on C++ reflection that I would recommend looking into until I get the time to write a new in-depth tutorial on writing a C++ reflection system.

The first is the article series C++ Reflection by Randy Gaul.

Another is Implementing a Meta System in C++ by Artem Shal.

Any new article series would likely need to start with a thorough survey of existing C++ reflection techniques. Both of the above articles (as well as my past ones) focus on a C++ template-based system for generating bindings semi-automatically inside the compiler. There are plenty of other ways of generating reflection data, each with their own pros and cons, and understanding these is key to designing a good system appropriate for your game’s specific needs.